Our menu is designed to offer an exceptional dining experience, whether you choose to enjoy it in our Gastro Bar or in our exclusive restaurant.

From finger food options such as our sirloin steak tartar to black rice, our menu is designed to satisfy the most discerning palates. We offer a wide variety of options including vegan alternatives such as our burger, as well as fresh fish such as Gadira bluefin tuna tacos and exceptional meats such as our intense aged beef ribs.

In our restaurant, we celebrate culinary diversity and quality in every dish. From seafood such as white shrimp from Huelva and clams from Jerez to the unmistakable flavours of sea bass loin; from duck breast to desserts such as our Manchego cheese coulant or the irresistible Payoyo cheesecake. In every bite, we focus on the excellence and freshness of the ingredients to provide you with a memorable culinary experience.

At Casa Lonja, we carefully select the best products to offer you a short and exquisite menu, where seafood and fish are the undisputed protagonists. We invite you to discover a new dimension of flavours where to eat in the centre of Seville.

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